The Mighty Dragon's Favorite Dish is an item / potion in Angry Birds Epic : Monty's Revenge and in Angry Birds Epic: Daily Life.

Mighty Dragon's Favorite Dish
Use Kills all enemies even the pigs on the other waves
Got In The Shop
Upgrades None
Games ABEMR and Angry Birds Epic : Daily Life
Cost 20 LC (One) 100 LC (Pack)
Created By Bad Piggy 9000

Power Edit

The Mighty Dragon's Favorite Dish spawns a Mighty Dragon which instantly kill all pigs. Unlike the Mighty Eagle the Mighty Dragon will kill all pigs including the pigs on the next wave.

Cost Edit

The Mighty Dragon's Favorite Dish costs 20 lucky coins each, 100 lucky coins for pack.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the very first potion in this wiki!
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