This is a Level in Angry Birds Epic: Daily Life.

Angry Birds Epic Fanon Game Level
Ice Prison - 1
Zone Ice Prison
Type Wave Battle (Five Waves)
Wave 1 Lolypoper Rogue x1

Corporal Viking x1

Wave 2 Butterfly Frost Wizard x1

Pig Pig x1

Wave 3 Ultra Big Minion Pig x1
Wave 4 Monty x1

Piggy Mc Cool's Twin Brother x1

Wave 5 Fish-bone Capt'n
Main Prize Unknown
Difficulty Very Hard
Previous Next
Unknown Ice Prison - 2


Wave 1Edit

Avatar (11)

Lolypoper Rogue

Lolypop Hit

Lolypop Hit: Deals 3x20 damage.

Lolypop Hit

Lolypop Smash: Charge 3 turns. Deals 300 damage to target bird.


Passive: Might: All opponents deal 15% more damage.

Avatar (12)

Corporal Viking


Corporal's revenge: Deals 4x10 damage.

PIg Heal

Pig Heal: Charge 4 turns. Target pig's life fulls


Passive: Heavy Damage: All the opponents deal 20% less damage.

Wave 2Edit

Avatar (9)

Butterfly Frost Wizard


Frost Storm: Charge 3 turns. Deals 160 damage to all enemies.


The butterfly effect: There is a 25% chance that all pigs will deal +20% bonus damage. Lasts 2 turns.


Passive: Ice Prison: Rage Chilli attacks deal 25% less damage.


Pig Pig

Oink!: Deals 20 damage. Target takes +10  damage for 2 turns.

Tail Heal: Target pig deals 15% more damage if its health is at least 360+. Lasts 2 turns.

Passive: Pig Plot Potion: All pigs dealing 100+ damage deal +10% bonus damage

Wave 3Edit

1 pig

Ultra Big Minion Pig

Honk!: Charge 3 turns. Deals 300 damage to target.

Wave 4Edit

Monty for ABEMR


Monty Monty: Deals 50 damage.

Shroud: There is a 40% chance to miss Monty. Lasts 3 turns.

Passive: Underdog: If there are 2 pigs are fewer, they are 40% stronger.

Avatar (2)

Piggy Mc Cool's twin brother

Slash!: Deals 15 damage. Target also takes 30 damage for 2 turns.

Cool Shield: Target receives 50% less damage. Lasts 3 turns.

Passive: Snoutling disable: If Piggy Mc Cool is available, he doen't get snoutlings after hitting.

Wave 5Edit

Avatar (4)

Fish-bone Capt'n

Fish-bone Smash: Deals 140 damage.

Call for mateys: Charge 3 turns. Summons 4 mateys.

Passive: Dirty Tricks: Immune to harmfull efects.

Wave 1 StrategyEdit

Strategy 1Edit

Required: Matilda, The Blues, Red

Take Matilda in Artist, Red in Flock Protector and The Blues in Magicians. First, hit Lolypoper Rogue with The Blues,then with Matilda. Matilda will focus all pigs attacking Red, so with Red, give shield. When the pigs hit Red, re-attack with blues. There is a 50& chance that all pigs will be stunned for 1 turn, so hit with Matilda and focus all birds attacking Blues. Attack with Blues and re-attack with Red and then, give shield to Blues. Then, heal The Blues with Matilda and finish Lolypoper pig with Red. Use The Blues' boost to Red to deal 15% bonus damage. Corporal Viking will attack to Blues so heal with Matilda and attack to Corporal with Red. Corporal will have only 15% life, so stun with Blues and finish him inn the extra turn!

Strategy 2Edit

Required: Matilda, Tony, Terence

Take Matilda in Healer, Tony in Ship Capt'n and Terence in Strongy. First, attack with Terence. Then, give Tony's boost to Matilda and attack with Matilda to Butterfly Frost Wizard not to have 360+ health. Then, Pig Pig will attack dealing 20 damage and Butterfly Frost Wizard will charge 1/3. Heal the target with Matilda and re-attack to Butterfly Frost Wizard and also attack him with Terence. Pig Pig will give Tail Heal to Butterfly Frost Wizard and the Butterfly Frost Wizard will charge 2/3. Attack with Tony to dispell and use Terence's Terence Shield to all, focusing Tony. The Butterfly Frost Wizard will attack as well as Pig Pig. Kill the Butterfly Frost Wizard with Tony, and then, start to hit Pig Pig without healing. If the Rage Chilli is full, give it to Matilda. After killing Pig Pig you will earn the battle with full health!