The Explode Bomb is a bomb in Angry Birds Epic: Daily Life. It's the bomb with the most health.


Daily Life Edit

Health: 20000                                                                                                                                                         Attack power: 250, 500 & 1000

Monty's Revenge Edit

Health : 500


Daily Life Edit

  1. Explode!!!: Charge 2 turns. Deals 250 damage to all enemies
  2. Wait for 3 turns: Charge 3 turns. Deals 500 damage to targeted bird and 300 to other birds.
  3. Pig Vigor: Charge 3 turns. All pigs ignore damage greater than 150 for two turns.
  4. AT-AT-Attack!: Charge 3 turns. Deals 1000 damage to targeted bird.
  5. Passive: Immune to harmful effects.
  6. Call for help: Charge 5 turns. Calls a Boiling Bomb and a Matey.

Monty's Revenge Edit

Explode!! - Charge 2 turns. Deals 309 damage to all birds. All birds will be stunned.

At - At Slash! - Charge 3 turns. Deals 2000 damage to a bird.

Dirty Tricks - Immune to harmful effects.

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