Evil Chuck is an opponent bird in Angry Birds Epic: Daily Life.


Evil Chuck


  • Evil Storm: Charge 3 turns. Deals 300 damage to all enemies.
  • Shield of Devil: All pigs take 60% less damage but their attack is 20% less powerfull.

Fact FileEdit

  • Name: Evil Chuck
  • Side: Pork Side
  • He is a: Evil Bird
  • Born: 1986
  • Dead: ???
  • Years Old: 29
  • Birds Defeated: 154
  • Pigs Defeated: 0

History Edit

1986: He was born. His mather is Evil Matilda and his father Evil Bomb.

1994: 8 years old. He decided his side by killing a bird in its school.

1998: He end in pig prison. He was 12 years old.

2001: He escaped from prison with another 2 Prisoner Pigs.

2010: Joined Darth Vader's team.

2012: He had taken THE MOST EVIL BIRD trophy.

2015: Today Evil Chuck is one of the gratest warriors in the battle for the eggs. He had killed 154 birds.

Top 10 Great Bird DefeatsEdit

1. Defeated Red's little brother.

2. Blessed Mighty Eagle hard.

3. Defeated the Largest Striped Bird.

4. Defeated Prince Bird, and blessed King Bird