Bad Piggies are the main antagonists in Angry Birds Epic game series. 


There are many types of Bad Piggies:

  1. Regular
  2. Medium
  3. Small
  4. Large
  5. Very Large
  6. Alien
  7. Space
  8. Fat
  9. Very Fat

Minion Pigs Edit

These pigs are the followers.

These are the kinds of Minion Pigs:

  • Normal
  • Big
  • Potioned
  • Tiny
  • Burnt
  • Frozen
  • Ultra Big
  • Bomb
  • Pumpkin
  • Christmas

Great PiggiesEdit


Capt'n Pig

212px-AB Epic Avatar Image 4

Bad Piggy 9000

Capt'n PigEdit

Capt'n Pig is the nickname of the founder of the wiki, Waluigiw99. He apears in ABE 5 and ABE Attack of the pirates. His rival is Captain Red Beard. Because they are both greedy, they fight over Snoutlings, Lucky Coins, and Essence of Friendship. Capt'n Pig has another rival, Sheriff Pig . He is also greedy, Once Sheriff Pig tried to steal Capt'n Pig's gold, and Capt'n Pig tried to steal Sheriff Pig's gold.

Angel PigEdit

Professor "Goldy" PigEdit

Goldy is The Pirates channel's avatar.

Bad Piggy 9000Edit

Bad Piggy 9000 is the second user who came on this wiki. He appears in ABE Monty's Revenge. He is also known as the "Best Bad Piggy at Hog City". His goal is to be the best pig in the whole Piggy Island. His rival is Goliath Pig. They fight for the "Best Bad Piggy" Award.

Bomb Leader PigEdit

King PigEdit

Darth VaderEdit

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