Angry Birds Epic Monty's Revenge is a game.
Monty for ABEMR

The final boss, Monty


Version 1.1

Angry Birds Epic : Monty's Revenge released worldwide.

Version 1.2 (Ultimate Update)

Power Ups

New Power Ups can be bought in Piggy Mc' Cool's Shop. Power Ups help you to win battles against pigs. Each of them has special abilities. There are 3 Power ups:

  • Fry the Pig
  • Poppy Tornado
  • Heavy Boulders

Bad Piggy 9000's New Weapons

Bad Piggy 9000 gains weapons in this update. They are like normal weapons but each of them has an extremely great special ability. You can only get these weapons on the Rainbow or Golden Pig Machine.

Secret Levels

Secret Levels will come in this update. Find these hidden levels to get Lucky Coins and some powerful weapons bit be careful pigs in the secret levels are really powerful, some can one shot a bird so don't forget to bring some potions!

New Potions

There are new potions in this update. It can help you to defeat pigs in the secret levels. There are only 3 new potions:

  • Stun Potion
  • Counter Potion
  • Triple Attack Potion

Ship Upgrades

Ship Upgrades will land in this update. Ships can be upgraded by adding additional things on them. Upgraded Ships allows you to go through big waves (at Limestone Lagoon and at other water areas). Also these upgrades helps you for battles because your birds will have additional health if your ship is upgraded.


Call a reinforcement when one bird is defeated. A reinforcement bird can come from your friends or from the Mighty Eagle (but you need to pay 1 000 snoutlings if your reinforcement came from the Mighty Eagle).

See Ultimate Update for more information

Version 1.3 (Spell Update)


Power Ups are changed into spells. Four new and powerful spells that came from the new Angry Birds 2! Golden Duck Spell, Blizzard Spell, Hot Chili Spell and Pig Inflater Spell!

Events Added

New events are added in the game. Make sure you have some Stamita Drinks.

See Spell Update for more information

Version 1.3 (Ham O' Ween Update)

Spell Bonus

Additional Pumpkin Spell for limited time only. It deals 400 damage to a lot of pigs and sometimes even pop them!

Candy Hunt

In addition you must find candies around the whole PIGGY ISLAND to win special prizes like Damage Boosts and The Pumpkin Bomb Class for Bomb.

See Ham O' Ween Update for more information

Version 1.4 (Difficulty Update)

Level Changes

Some levels were either made easier or harder so that it can keep the game balanced.

New Spells

2 new spells are added in the game:

  • Healing Aura
  • Poison Clouds

Class Changes

A few attacks/boosts for some classes were either buffed or nerfed, so that it will keep the game balanced.

New Potions

3 new potions are added in the game:

  • Attack Booster
  • Defense Booster
  • Double Snoutling Potion


coming soon



The birds are the main characters in the game.


Red is the leader of the flock.


Chuck is a great wizard.


The healer of the team

The Blues

Waluigiw99 Bird







Prince Porky

Friendly Minion


See Monty's Revenge Pigs

Mighty Eagle


The Mighty Eagle is a Mighty Creature. The Mighty Eagle can be spawned by using the Mighty Eagle's Favorite Dish.


See Mighty Eagle's Dojo (ABEMR)

Mighty Dragon


The Mighty Dragon is a Mighty Creature. It is better than the Mighty Eagle. He can be spawned by using the Mighty Dragon's Favorite Dish.

Class Buyer

You can buy Classes in the Class Buyer (Not found in trainers). These Classes are special. You will get Guardian(Red's Class) for free when you unlocked the Class Buyer.

Mighty Spalding Ball


The Mighty Spalding Ball is a mighty creature. It has no eyes. He is spawned when you used the Spalding Ball.

Training Station

In the Mighty Spalding Ball's Training Center you can train your birds. They will deal more damage and do other stuff on your birds. You need 10 snoutlings for entrance. In here you can train your birds in 3 ways. Train a bird to get a passive ability. Train a bird to have +100 damage or train a bird to make the Rage Chilli refil 10% faster when the trained bird attacks.

Mighty Millennium Falcon


He allows you to train inside of him.


In the inside of the Mighty Millennium Falcon you will fight Star Wars pigs. This helps you to level up. It also helps you to get snoutlings and to get a strategy on how to defeat Star Wars pigs. Vader will not be encountered.

Hockey Bird


He helps you in the Hockey Stadium.

Hockey Stadium

In here you can do 3 things.

  1. Watch a Hockey Match to know how to play.
  2. Play Hockey
  3. Go to the Hockey Shop


It helps you earn snoutlings and lucky coins but it is hard to win.


Watching a hockey match costs 20 snoutlings. It helps you in how to play

Hockey Shop

In here you can upgrade your stuff in the Hockey Stadium.


Playing is the hardest thing to do here.


  1. Put your birds in a place.
  2. Fight your enemy's birds to get the Ice Hockey Ball.
  3. Change places to defeat all the enemies.
  4. Fight the Goaltender(It has the most health in the game)
  5. You will get a point.


  • Fighting enemies is just like a normal battle in the Floating Glory.
  • Enemies will revive after 3 turns or after one team got a point.
  • Enemies might not attack your birds but they might attack the other group of birds.
  • When all enemies are defeated you will get a point.


  • 2 Lucky Coins, 3500 Snoutlings
  • Treasure Chest (The Spin Wheels will be full of Treasure Chests and they contain different currencies and other stuff)

Treasure Chest may contain

  • A Hockey weapon for Matilda.
  • Hockey Bird Help for normal levels.
  • 2000 Snoutlings
  • 1 Lucky Coin
  • Free Spin
  • Ice Hockey Ball off hand item for Matilda.
  • 20 Stamita Drinks


See Monty's Revenge Levels


See Monty's Revenge Potions

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