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First Date Aired: Unknown
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Season 1: 10

Season 2: Unknown number

Third First Episode Name: The Pig Plan (Daily life)
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Angry Birds Epic: Animation Series is the new Angry Birds Epic Fanon Wiki TV show (With different games from the wiki), focusing in Angry Birds Epic Battles, in form of a story.
Bad Piggies! (ASOE)

A poster of the series with Pigs stealing the eggs.


Angry Birds Epic: Daily Life

The Pirates Channel:

In episode 1 (The Pig Plan), the pigs steal Angry Birds' eggs and the birds start a new adventure between daily life adventures and problems!

Angry Birds Epic: Attack of The Pirates


The Pirates are being arrested for Piracy. and they try to apologize to King Pig, and he takes their pardon. But then The Pirates had a plan. They captured King Pig, stole The Eggs, and took over Piggy Island. Prince Porky heard this, so he went to The Birds to tell them. Prince Poky turned them into privateers to hunt down The Pirates. This is how the adventure begins.

Angry Birds Epic: Monty's Revenge

Bad Piggy 9000:

Monty steals the King's throne! Later at the birds Monty's Guard which is Cactus Knight and some Cactus Pigs stole the eggs. The birds need to get past through 1000000000000000000000000000000000 steps and sails to finish their quest. Season 1 is based of the first egg.


Angry Birds Epic: Daily Life

Season 1

  1. The Pig Plan
  2. Steal the eggs!
  3. The Pig Prison
  4. Saved Chuck
  5. The First Egg
  6. Gorgeous Cauldron
  7. Catch the Prince!
  8. The Golden Pig Machine

Season 2

  1. An egg away
  2. In Matilda's garden
  3. Pumkin reheal
  4. Air Pirate
  5. Help Bomb
  6. Against Captain Red Beard
  7. The long ship journey to Desert Islad
  8. What a big Cabin Boy!
  9. Save Blues!
  10. Against Cactus Knight Captain
  11. In the second castle

Season 3

  1. Pirate coast 1
  2. Porktuga
  3. Help from the Cool Piggy
  4. Om nom nom…
  5. The big wave battle
  6. Pigmies: Tiny help
  7. A bright arena battle
  8. Pigiana Jones: A friend or an enemy?
  9. Back to Bomb's ship
  10. Star Reef
  11. The Star Reef castle
  12. Oh no! Wizpig!
  13. Help from Mighty Eagle
  14. New epic dungeon!
  15. Help us here!
  16. The road to Bamboo Forest
  17. a q!!!!!!!!!!

Angry Birds Epic: Attack of The Pirates

Season 1

  1. Broken Promise of Pirates
  2. The Privateer Birds
  3. The Pirate Crew!
  4. The Captain
  5. The Capt'n
  6. Privateer Pig!
  7. Cowboys Can Be rascals
  8. The Pirate Sheriff
  9. Up in thin air
  10. The Air Captain and Capt'n
  11. Arr, Snow's a comin'
  12. The Snow Pirates
  13. The Snow Captain and Capt'n
  14. Night of the Living Pirates
  15. Pirates Under the Sea
  16. Subwrecked
  17. The Shipwreck of The Birds
  18. The Ship's Repaired
  19. Meeting Capt'n Pig...Again?
  20. The Pirate King
  21. The End of The Golden Age of Piggy Piracy

Angry Birds Epic: Monty's Revenge

Season 1

  1. My Throne!
  2. Through the Dark Prison
  3. Goliath Pig the Strong Piggy!
  4. Treasure Twins
  5. Twin Fight
  6. Cobalt Savers
  7. Feathers on Hills
  8. The Attack of the Rogues
  9. Return of the Cactus
  10. Feathery Castle
  11. Under Pigstruction
  12. The Real Fight Begins!
  13. The Uncoolest of the Uncool
  14. The Boss Fight
  15. A Giant Party!

Piggy McCool

Daily Life

Attack of the Pirates

Monty's Revenge


Angry Birds Epic: Daily Life


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